"Fast good". Fast but healthy food

"Fast good". Fast but healthy food

What shall we have for dinner tonight, a hamburger or a pizza? Yes, today it is Fast Good day!

A question often made at homes before lunch or dinner, and it seems the natural answer would hit our guilt, as we would be likely to eat something obscene in terms of nutrition. And that is because filling our body with fats, empty calories and other artificial additives, even knowing that they aren't precisely healthy, gives us a feeling of total satisfaction.

But what if we decided to change this? What if we could eat a hamburger, a pizza or something else and not feel guilty afterwards?

That is the purpose of Fast Good, a new concept (well, maybe not that new, it was born around 2004) that pivots around a healthy diet, well-balanced and friendly to the environment, too. It refers to a type of fast food that is to fast prepare but based entirely on fresh and healthy food, keeping far away from processed food.

This trend was born to repel the negative effects of industrial fast food in our diet, and it is orientated towards living a healthier and more environmentaly friendly live.

So it is possible to keep eating and enjoying those pleasures, but knowing that doing so not only isn't harmful for our bodies, but also pleasant, well-balanced and natural.

As a variety of the food products that we consume nowadays are artificially processed, which significantly limits their nutritional value, we hope this cooking class offers you a new perspective and enough learning to start enjoying it for yourself.

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By Chef Hugo Seixas.


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