MB Wear Thor Socks

  • Calcetines MB Wear Thor
  • Calcetines MB Wear Thor

MB Wear Thor Socks


To be able to pedal in the coldest days, it is fundamental to use sensible clothing.

THOR socks are designed for those who want to challenge the lowest temperatures: 98% made of wool and having a natural fibre with good thermal qualities, it guarantees total protection against the harshest cold.

While creating THOR, MB Wear added 2% of Elastane to wool, in order to guarantee the best flexibility also to the most protective sock of the line.

With THOR as well, ultra-flat seams and a thin propylene layer inserted where foot pressure is highest will give you the best comfort and guarantee a total absorption of vibrations and blows.


  • 70% wool
  • 18 polyamide
  • 10%polipropilene
  • 2% elastane

Technology: handmade in Italy

Cuff length 15 cm


  • S - M (35-40)
  • L -XL (41-45)